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Custom Print FAQ

Can you have a custom print created for me?

Definitely! I love to provide unique designs for makers.

What's the cost?

The cost for custom prints is $45/yard + Shipping ($4.50)

That's too much of an investment for my small shop. Do you have another option?

Yes! You can also have the option to print by the sheet. If you provide the file, I can have the image sent to print. You will then be able to preorder the sheets that you need and the rest will be listed available on the Tulip Bloom website.

What kind of file do you need?

Any seamless file will suffice. It can be in .jpg or .pdf format. If you would like to have a single image repeated and printed that way, please shoot an email to hello@tulipbloom.com and we can discuss options.

How big will the print be?

If you order by the yard, it can be printed to whatever scale you'd like. If you'd like to order by the sheet, I will determine the scale that I think would be best for most makers.

What's the turn around time?

I will order prints with my regular inventory orders. The TAT is 4-6 weeks but may be less depending on when I plan to order again (usually every 2 weeks).

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I'm happy to help! Please shoot an email to hello@tulipbloom.com



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